AMC has highly qualified and expert staff at its state-of-the-art facilities located in Greentree, a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA.

The facilities are fully equipped for the characterization of hard and soft magnetic materials and hydrogen storage materials, and Design and Development of Brushless motors and intelligent controllers.

The equipment available at our facilities includes :

          Automated Pressure Composition Isotherm Unit to examine hydrogen storage materials.

        Magnetometers for fields ranging from 0 to 9 Tesla and temperature range  -270C to 1000C.

        Vibrating sample magnetometers with electromagnets that can generate fields from 0 to 2 Tesla and furnaces for room temperature to 800C.

        Vibrating sample magnetometer with superconducting magnet that generates fields  from  0 to 9 Tesla, and a fully automated

        data acquisition system.       

        Faraday Balance with an electromagnet and cryostat-cum-furnace capable of temperatures from -270C to 1100C.

        Hysteresisgraph for sample temperatures in the range of  -150C to 200C.

        30KW RF generator with cold boat attachment for melting metals and alloys in an inert atmosphere.

        Heat treatment furnaces.

        Glove box to fabricate magnets under controlled oxygen atmosphere.

        Ball and Jet mills.

        Isostatic press with pressures up to 4200 KG/cm.

         Pulse Magnetizer with Fields up to 14 Tesla.

       Optical Microscopes.

       Equipment for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of Magnet Devices.


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