HIGH ENERGY PERMANENT MAGNETS (HEPM), also called supermagnets, are revolutionary because they are extremely resistant to demagnetization. These,  unlike electromagnets, possess their own source of magnetic energy.

Features of HEPM

        Strong Uniaxial Anisotropy (The preference of magnetization to lie along a unique direction.)
        High Coercivity (The resistance to magnetic reversal.)
        High Curie Temperature (The temperature at which magnetization is lost.)
        High Energy Product (The energy stored per unit volume of the magnet.)
        HEPMs have an energy product of at least 20 MGOe.
        Currently, efforts are underway at AMC to fabricate magnets of more than 55 MGOe.

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High Energy Permanent Magnets have a wide range of applications in several industries.

Electronics & Computers                    Biomedical                                    Automotive & Transportation

    Disk Drives                                  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging    Electric & Hybrid Vehicles  

    Light weight & high efficiency        Magnetic Sutures                                 Starter Motors

      Actuators and Motors                     Artificial Heart                                     Alternators

    NMR Spectrometers                     Dentures                                               Fan Motors

    Robotics & Automation Devices    Orthopedics/Prosthetics                          Brakes

    Traveling Wave Tubes                  Cancer Cell Separators                           Power Window Motors

    Particle Accelerators                                                                                    Speedometers

     Watches/Toys/ Sony Walkman

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