Pressure-Composition Isotherm (PCI) Measurement System

Gas Reaction Controller

Many intermetallic compounds such as and ALANTES absorb and store copious quantities of hydrogen and release it in a controlled reversible operation. These hydrogen storage materials are being increasingly used in fule cells, rechargeable batteries etc. The Pressure-Composition Isotherm (PCI) Measurement System provides a convenient, reliable and reproducible way to evaluate the gas absorption/desorption characteristics of these materials. The unit operates with minimal attention by the operator.

An important feature of our product is the wide range of operating pressure (0.01 to 200 atmospheres) and temperature (-60C to 900C). Options include a cryostat to lower measurements to  -100C and operations with other gases such as nitrogen.  We can also supply a large sample container  as an accessory to prepare a fine powder employing hydrogen decrepitation.  Kinetic measurements and cycle life can also be determined with this equipment.

The instrument is supplied with a personal computer (Intel/MS Windows platform) and software for total automation of the experiments in a reliable manner. The data are shown on a digital panel during the experiment, graphically displayed on the PC monitor and is stored in the computer. At the end of an experiment, the stored data is processed to provide results in a tabular and graphical format. Option exists to alter the experimental sequence during the process of measurement.

The instrument has a safety provision to ensure shut-off in case of accidental exposure to high pressures.

The standard product, the options and accessories, can be further customized for individual customer's requirements. Our technical staff will be happy to discuss this prior to finalization of the order.

A manual of operating instructions in (US) English is provided along with the equipment.

Normal delivery period is 2-3 months.

The standard equipment measures 34" W X 30" H X 27" D (860x760x690 mm) and Weighs 300 lbs (135 KG). It can be shipped worldwide as air cargo.


Type of Gas:    

                        Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Other inert gases (or their mixtures)

Operating temparatures:

                     Temperatures to 900C. Lower temperatures down to -100C and temperatures higher than 900C are available as options. 

Pressure Resolution Ranges:

                        0.005 to 1.5 atmospheres / 0.02 to 50 atmospheres / 0.1 to 200 atmospheres.

Accuracy and Resolution:

                    Absorption and desorption modes- 1 Cubic Centimeter of gas at STP.      

Sample Holder Dimensions:

                   Standard is 2cc  (~9.3 mm diameter and 25 mm long)

                        Larger Sample Holder 200 cc is available as an option

Software Features:

                        Fully automated measurement of the PCI curves

                        Kinetic measurements during absorption and desorption

                        Color graphic display during the progress of an experiment

                        Cycle life of hydrogen storage materials

                        Data management

                        Manual operation, if necessary

                        Alarm and interlock for excess temperature/pressure.

 The customers need to provide the following at their premises:

                        Vacuum pump (to provide a vacuum of the order of 0.02 Torr)

                        Supply the gases in cylinders with valves and regulators in compliance with the local codes

                        Power connections- 110 V, 60 Hz  (or 220 V, 50 Hz ) Single phase , Maximum power: 400 W.

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